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          Welcome: Dongguan xinxin machinery factory
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          Dongguan zhongtang xinxin machinery factory is a comprehensive cluster company integrating design and development, production and sales and modern management. The company mainly produces high-end composite equipment, the main products are, laminated machine, hot melt adhesive machine; PRU hot melt ? composite machine, automatic foam triad compound machine; TPU waterproof membrane compound machine; Clothing fabric point glue compound machine; Hot melt film heat press compound machine and so on. We can also make various special compound machines according to customer's requirements. Company headquarters is located in the central scroll town, dongguan city, this dongjiang river, north of guangzhou, shenzhen in the south, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, wide garden fast, guangshen highway, guangshen railway, high iron stand, 107 national highway and traffic artery and humen Huang Pugang, humen port and shenzhen railway station structure freely crisscross, complementary advantages of traffic network, production and operation of the group rapid development provides a unique geographical traffic conditions.
          Since its establishment in 2006, the company has been adhering to the "people's price, the prevention and control, the efficient collaboration team; To the guest for honour, intensive cultivation, and in one hundred, the reputation of the brand "management policy, management as the core, pieces, and formed a high level, professional production, sales and management team,...


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          Contact: Miss xu,

          Phone: 13538422390

          Tel: 0769-88411639

          Email: wbsxinxin@126.com

          Add: Tianhe scale in guangzhou city, guangdong province, China

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